Who are we?

The Indaba Institute offers Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) teacher training to students wishing to work with children from birth to 18 years of age. We are the only training center offering AMI-accredited training in Southern Africa.

The Indaba Institute also works with schools in the Winelands area that are wishing to implement strong Montessori practice. We do this through mentorship and coaching to teachers and staff.


What is Montessori?

A Montessori education offers children the opportunity to develop to their full potential as they grow into adults who are self-motivated and love learning, can think flexibly, and who are not only conscious of the needs of others but actively foster harmony as they go through life.

Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori-method of education is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood.

“The education of even a very small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.”

Dr.Maria Montessori

What is AMI?

Association Montessori International’s (AMI) mission is to support the natural development of the human being from birth to maturity, enabling children to become the transforming elements of society, leading to a harmonious and peaceful world. 

AMI is recognized internationally as an authoritative voice regarding the unique nature of childhood, natural human development and the rights of the child.

AMI identified and sort after nationally and internationally as the custodian and cultivator of Montessori philosophy and pedagogy.

AMI is invited to assist international and national humanitarian and government authorities in addressing social and educational problem situations where positive change can be effected through the education of children. 

Why study with us?

The II offers this training in the Winelands of South Africa. South Africa is made up of many culturally rich communities. By choosing to study with us, you will begin to gain experience and understanding into the intricacies of working within these types of diverse environments. 

Our teacher training leads you on a path of lifelong learning, enabling you as a Montessori Guide to support children as they form their character in becoming mindful members of their society. You will be joining a close knit community of leading educators. 

We are located on the beautiful grounds of the Sustainability Institute which promotes a holistic approach to life and learning, here you will also be given the opportunity to become part of a truly interconnected group, with a strong focus on the importance of nature.