Our Partners

Together with our partners, we are taking strides towards a galvanizing consensus that ECD investment is the most valuable contribution to a healthier, sustainable collective future. We build local agency and sustainability with:

  • The Cape Wine industry – Together, we are pioneering a “Wine Industry Social Compact” to champion industry support for ECD.
  • Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) – Especially social partners with deep roots in Cape Winelands communities.
  • Government and State Agencies, in education, social development, agriculture & health.

The South African wine industry is an enormous asset to the country and its people – as well as to the global tourism market. Unfortunately, history has given the wine industry a heavy burden – fetal alcohol syndrome is one; gender-based violence is another. Deep inequality is pervasive in this region. The organized sector is determined to find solutions.

Indaba Connect

With a significant number of children excluded from quality early childhood development, it is of utmost importance to develop world-class scientifically inspired Montessori research to tackle this challenge. A world-renowned Indaba Foundation ACADEMIC ADVISORY core team has been established to provide guidance and content proposals in scientific research linked to key focus areas in neuroscience, early childhood development, and Montessori education.

The Indaba Foundation

The Indaba Foundation (IF) is the II’s largest funding partner. The IF aims to improve young children’s capacity to develop and learn by providing world-class, internationally-recognized, and accredited Montessori teacher training, learning materials, and educational infrastructure.

Introducing skilled and resourced educators into these communities in the child’s earliest years of life will greatly improve their chances of a successful adulthood – enhancing family life, elevating societies, and building a better future for South Africa.

The Sustainability Institute

We have partnered with the Sustainability Institute to house the globally and locally accredited full-time AMI Training Center, the Indaba Institute. The SI, a non-profit trust, founded in 1999 focuses on learning for sustainable African futures. The Institute is based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and has provided development facilitation to create a child-centred approach to building sustainable communities in Africa.

Lynedoch Children’s House

The Lynedoch Children’s House (LCH) was established in 2000 by Lynedoch Development (NPC) for 19 children from the Lynedoch Valley. Further developed by the Sustainability Institute, today +-60 children attend the Infant Community (0 –3 years) and Children’s House (3 –6 years). The Lynedoch Children’s House

provides integrated learning and nature-based play and serves as an observation space for ITI’s courses. In partnership with the II/Through mentorship of the II (?), the LCH team seek to deepen their learning practices to empower and unlock the potential of children to become responsible and caring citizens in the Lynedoch Valley.

Association Montessori Internationale

AMI functions as a social movement that strives to promote the rights of the child throughout the world, irrespective of race, religion, political, and social beliefs. It works in cooperation with other bodies and organizations, such as the II, that further the development of education, human rights, and peace. AMI is committed to transcending borders in order to serve children through innovative educational initiatives using Montessori principles and practices.

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