AMI Assistants to Infancy (0-3) Diploma

The AMI Orientation Course is designed to provide participants with a functional understanding of the Montessori philosophy. This course is offered entirely online. It is well suited for any adult who is curious about Montessori education and the rationale that underpins the philosophy. Parents, caregivers, and scholars of education/child development, along with adults who wish to be assistants in a Montessori classroom, are encouraged to take this course. All are welcome!

This course will:

  • cover the aspects of this foundational developmental stage and allow an insight into how one can best support the development of the child.
  • introduce the participants to the idea of observation of children with a scientific eye in any environment.
  • give the participants some practical tips on how to engage children in this age group through simple yet effective methods.

Enrolment documents:

  • Complete application form
  • Clear copy of ID or Passport
  • Short autobiographical essay (incl. why you want to do the course)
  • Application fee proof of payment


AMI Assistants to Infancy (0-3) Diploma

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